Sandstone Spheres

Sandstone Spheres

Sandstone spheres are round shapes made from natural sandstone. They can be small and used for decoration or very large and placed in gardens or public areas. Sandstone comes in different colors, like beige, brown, or red, because of its natural makeup. Some spheres have interesting patterns and lines, which make them unique.




Sandstone Spheres are eye-catching in gardens, easily grabbing attention with their natural look. Grouping them together makes a nice display, and placing them near water or paths adds a nice touch.

They bring a sense of calm, especially when placed among plants or in Japanese-style gardens. In modern and Zen gardens, their simple shapes and natural feel help create a peaceful vibe, making them important parts of beautiful outdoor areas.


Colors & textures:-

Choosing the right size sphere for your garden is important. Big ones look too big in small gardens, while tiny ones can get lost in big spaces. Think about how big your garden is and pick spheres that fit well.


Sandstone comes in lots of different colors and textures. Look at the colors in your garden and choose spheres that match.


Where you put the spheres makes a big difference.Try different spots to see what looks best.


Sandstone spheres don't need much upkeep. Sometimes, you might need to clean them with a soft brush and water to get rid of dirt.


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