Plank Paving

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Plank Paving

Plank paving, also called linear paving, uses long, narrow slabs to make spaces look bigger. Imagine long, thin tiles laid out like wooden planks. They give the illusion of depth and widen narrow areas. Wood effect paving is a trendy choice where the tiles look like wooden beams. It's durable and easy to maintain, lasting for years. Combining these thin slabs with regular square ones adds variety and makes your patio more interesting. You can also use wood effect paving as a border around a stone patio for a nice contrast.


Narrow paving slabs:-

Using narrow paving slabs in your designs can really transform the look and feel of a paved area. When you lay them across a narrow space, they make it seem wider and draw attention to the sides, which slows down how fast you move through the area. If you lay them lengthwise along a path, it can make the path seem longer and encourage people to keep moving forward. You can also lay them diagonally for a different effect.


One popular way to lay narrow paving slabs for a path is to stagger them, so the ends don't line up neatly at the edges. This gives the path a more interesting shape and can make the surrounding plants look more relaxed.



Porcelain paving is great for outdoor areas because it's tough against frost, so it won't crack in cold weather. It also doesn't stain easily, so leaves, berries, or lichen won't mess up its appearance. It's safe to walk on because of its textured surface, which prevents slipping, especially when it's wet outside. It's durable too, so it won't get scratched easily, even with lots of use. And the best part is, it's low maintenance—just a quick wash now and then keeps it clean. Each piece is made precisely, so it looks smooth and even, reducing the risk of tripping. Plus, it stops moss and mold from growing, so your outdoor space stays looking good for longer.

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