Stepping Stone

Stepping Stone

Garden stepping stones create paths for people to walk through your garden. They can make your garden look nice and help connect different areas. Stepping stones can also be used as borders.

They provide a safe way to walk through wet or muddy spots. Using stepping stones instead of paving large areas is cheaper and looks more natural. You can put them between paved areas to make your garden more interesting.

Stepping stones also help keep the soil in place, protect the grass, and make it easier to walk on slopes.



Stepping stones are a fun and versatile addition to any garden, capable of making the space look neat and stylish or more relaxed and casual. They add a playful touch and fit any design.

Stepping stones are great for guiding visitors through your garden, connecting different areas, and directing foot traffic to enhance your outdoor space. They are easy to install in various settings, even over water, depending on the surrounding materials like pebbles or grass.

For the best results, it’s advisable to hire a professional. These stones work well with different surroundings, whether they are natural-shaped or cut into pavers, and pair nicely with pebbles, grass, artificial grass, gravel, or any green ground cover. This classic combination is easy to maintain.

Beyond serving as pathways, stepping stones can be decorative or act as transitional elements when the same material is used throughout the garden. They are also practical, providing comfortable walking surfaces, better drainage than solid paths, fitting well in narrow or curved spaces, and being durable and easy to maintain.

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