Coping & Steps

Coping & Steps

Pool coping is like a hat for your in-ground pool, but it does a lot more than just look pretty. It sits on the edge of the pool, protecting it from water and stuff that could damage it. Plus, it's a nice comfy spot to sit or hold onto while you're in the pool. So, basically, coping keeps your pool safe and adds a nice touch to its style.



Pool Coping is like a protective border around the edge of a pool. It stops water from causing damage to the area around the pool and makes it safer by giving a rough surface to walk on. The edge of coping hangs over a bit to keep water from getting behind the pool and causing problems with the structure. It also makes the pool look nicer, giving it a finished look. You can choose from lots of different types of coping to match your style and make your pool area unique.



When picking materials for your pool, focus on durability by going for tough options like concrete or brick. These will save you from frequent repairs. Think about functionality too, like how well the material handles heat and saltwater, and if surrounding trees might cause staining.


Safety is crucial, especially if kids will be around; choose materials with good grip like limestone or granite to prevent slips. Consider costs; concrete is wallet-friendly, but fancier rocks like marble can be pricey.


Style matters too, so choose a material that matches your pool's vibe, whether it's classic with brick or rustic with wood. Don't forget about edging style, like rounded or straight lines.


Texture is another thing to ponder; decide if you want a rough or smooth surface, but keep in mind that porous materials like limestone may stain over time.

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