Rebated Coping

Rebated Coping

Rebated pool copings are great for two main reasons. First, they make the pool look more impressive by appearing like a thick, solid slab instead of a regular paver. Second, they cover up the screed and adhesive layers used during installation, resulting in a very clean and neat finish.

Choosing the Right Pool Coping for Fibreglass Pools:-

Rebated edge pool coping is popular for fibreglass pools because it hides the seam between the fibreglass shell and the paver, making it look like a concrete pool. The engineering needs for fibreglass and concrete pools are different because the pool beams have different widths. Before choosing your pool coping, ask your pool builder for the width of the pool beam. This information will help you pick the right size and weight for the pool coping.


Rebated coping has a small section that goes below the surface of the paver, fitting snugly against the pool's side. This style is popular with fibreglass pool owners because it hides the edge of the shell and can make the pool look like it’s made of concrete. It's a favorite because it gives the appearance of thick, high-quality pavers all around.

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