MISTY (Textured)

MISTY (Textured)

Textured paving slabs are very useful because of how they are made. They are created using a process called 'shot blasting,' where small metal balls are fired at the surface after the sandstone is cut. This gives the paving a rough, attractive texture, making it perfect for strong patios and driveways.


Made from reconstituted stone, these slabs have a stylish, granite-like texture and come in three subtle colors: Charcoal, Buff, and Natural. They not only look good but also offer a slip-resistant surface. These paving slabs meet high standards of quality and environmental sustainability.



Stylish and Durable Textured Paving Stones:-

Our textured paving stones come in many colors to make your patio look great. If you want a traditional style, our textured mint paving has a mix of light creams, yellows, oranges, and mint colors. For a modern style, the Grey textured paving is a good choice. It has different shades of grey that create a sleek and calm look, perfect for modern garden patios.


Since our paving stones are made from sandstone, you might want them to stay looking new for as long as possible. We offer products like sealants to protect the stone and stop mold and algae from growing. We also have natural stone cleaners to help keep your patio looking good, even after bad weather.

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