Natural flagstone pavers

Flagstone is ideal for patios due to its natural, rustic appearance and affordability for stone walls. It pairs well with pavers for a beautiful look. Sun-bleached flagstone, perfect for patios, bars, water features, and steps, drains well when laid on gravel with open grouts.



Available in various textures and patterns, flagstone allows creative designs, including kids' play areas. Large, irregular stones with wide grout spaces can be filled with grass seeds for a natural look. It comes in many colors to match any theme, such as brown flagstone with deep brown wall cladding and wooden edges. Polished flagstone adds luxury, especially with matching benches. Two-tiered patios with slate flagstones create cozy dining and seating areas, while multi-level patios with different cuts offer interesting entertainment spaces.



To install flagstone on a concrete base, use a mortar mixture to secure the stones. For soil installations, start with a gravel base topped with sand. Place the flagstone on the sand and fill the gaps with polymeric sand to prevent dirt and weeds.

Flagstone installation is a custom job requiring skill and the right tools. Hiring a professional can be helpful. The process involves shaping and fitting the stones creatively for a unique layout.

Maintaining flagstone can be tricky, especially with irregular shapes. However, the variety of flagstone available today makes it easier to find matching pieces for repairs, ensuring smooth replacements.

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