CHIVAS (Smooth)

CHIVAS (Smooth)

Smooth sandstone paving slabs are a fantastic option to spruce up your outdoor area. Made from high-quality natural stone, they're both attractive and sturdy. These slabs add a touch of class to your outdoor space and can be used in various areas like patios, walkways, gardens, and driveways.You can pick from different colours to match your style, whether you like modern or traditional looks.With smooth sandstone paving slabs, you can create a beautiful outdoor retreat for your loved ones. They're durable, elegant, and come in a variety of colours, making them perfect for any landscaping project.



The process begins with initial cutting, where sandstone blocks are placed on a saw machine and sliced into slabs of similar thickness. Following this, the top surface of each slab undergoes rough grinding to achieve a smoother texture, while the bottom surface remains unchanged. Subsequently, thin slabs are removed during slab selection, while thicker ones are processed using specialized machinery to ensure uniform thickness with grooved bottoms.


Precision cutting is then carried out using an infrared saw machine to achieve precise specifications for the slabs. Finally, during packaging and inspection, approximately 5-10% of the slab bottoms may still feature grooves, while the majority (90-95%) will have a smooth bottom surface.

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